Give Your Soul to Touch Their Hearts

Chanale is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and performer whose melodic and moving songs open the hearts and touch the spirits of women in communities all across the globe. Her powerful performances excite and inspire all-female crowds in places as far as China, South America, Alaska, Colombia, Australia, South Africa and Israel.

Her career began in 1999 when she was invited to sing for “Women in Song” ,a concert that featured performances from talented female musicians from all over the country. Her music reflects her strong Jewish heritage and embraces her contemporary musical taste.
A powerful performer, Chanale charms her audience with her charisma, upbeat attitude and warm smile creating a unique bond with listeners. With 7 albums of her own, she is also the creator of the Bella Bracha series, and the composer of Parshatime from Toveedo. Her lyrics and melodies can be found on “Watching Over Me” by Michoel Pruzansky, “Sunshine-Levi Cohen”, “Gali’s Song” from The Brooklyn Girls Choir, “Mimmy & Simmy-The Musical”, and most recently “Orthodoxed”.

Chanale works with some of the top names in Jewish music and her interviews with music legends Yossi Green, Abie Rotenberg, and Country Yossi can be found on her Youtube channel. An ambassador for Nefesh B’Nefesh and DailyGiving, Chanale travels around Israel inspiring Aliyah and charity amongst her large social media following on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether behind the piano, guitar, or mixing desk, Chanale remains the leading voice in the Jewish female music scene following the release of B’siyata D’Shmaya, Crown of Creation and Yerushalayim that she performed with her all-female band. Her highly anticipated Kumzits concert and re-release of Shabbos Queen are all more feather’s in Chanale’s musical hat, one she wears proudly.

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